Information on the organization of the educational process for Ukrainian children

Information on the organization of the educational process for Ukrainian children who were evacuated from their place of permanent residence as a result of the aggression by the Russian Federation.

An All-Ukrainian online schedule has been created for the convenience of organising the education process. It is implemented on the basis of an interactive Google Calendar, which is accessible for in real time. The schedule was developed for students in grades 1-11. The interactive schedule contains links to materials from various resources for school classes according to calendar and thematic planning: TV lessons, textbooks, etc.

Link: https://mon.gov.ua/ua/vseukrayinskij-rozklad.

All-Ukrainian online school – this is a platform for remote and hybrid learning of students in grades 5-11 and methodological support for teachers. The platform contains video tutorials, tests, and materials for self-studying on 18 core subjects.

Information about registering and using the software platform is available at:  https://lms.e-school.net.ua/guide.

The following online resources of the schools and organisations are also freely available:

  • Remote school "Atmospheric school” provides free access to the "Listener" package with educational materials that can also be used by teachers: ttps://www.atschool.com.ua
  • Remote school "Optima" provided free access to yearly materials for grades 1-11: ttps://optima.school/free-education
  • Remote school "DAR” opened a learning platform for all students in grades 7-11: https://www.dar.school
  • Academy of modern education "A+" created an online project for all Ukrainian children who can join Zoom classes: ttps://aplus.ua
  • The "Jamm School" team organized a remote school for students in grades 5-11: https://jammschool.com.ua
  • The "Dzherelo" remote education center will provide free access to the full "Listener" package (grades 1-11) for self-studying: ttps://cdo.org.ua/reg
  • The "School Navigator" project will provide access to recordings of lessons as well as real-time lessons in Ukrainian, English and Russian: ttps://www.eduforsafety.com.ua

Electronic versions of textbooks:

Pre-school education

NUMO online kindergarten with video activities for children ages 3-6. The initiative will help parents keep their children busy with cognitive and developmental activities and distract them from the war as much as possible. The first issue is available for viewing on the YouTube channels of the Ministry of education and science and UNICEF, and on the MEGOGO platform.


Extracurricular education

The schedule of classes and information about access to relevant resources for obtaining extracurricular education (video materials, online classes, presentations, etc.) are available on the websites of the relevant state centers.

Atnaujinimo data: 2023-10-09