2023 09 15
Foreigners who lost their temporary residence permits outside the territory of Lithuania will be able to order duplicates through the external services provider

The Department of Migration, in order to improve the quality of the provided electronic services and the operation of the Lithuanian migration information system MIGRIS, implemented improvements in it.

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2023 07 07
The new Description of the National Visa Issuance Procedure came into force

By the order of the Minister of the Interior, Agnes Bilotaitė, the new Description of the National Visa Issuance Procedure, which entered into force on 01 July, was approved. According to this piece of legislation, some grounds on which foreigners used to apply for a national visa have been amended.

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2023 06 19
The service for foreigners in the Migration Department’s branch in Elektrėnai will be terminated

From 1 July, the service for foreigners at the Migration Department ’ s branch in Elektrėnai will be terminated. Such a decision was made in order to optimize the institution ’ s human resources, more efficiently distribute the workload falling on employees and after conducting an analysis of customer ...

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