Ukrainians staying in Lithuania are invited to register at the nearest Migration Department


2022 03 04

Ukrainos dedelė.png

The Migration Department under the Ministry of the Interior informs that Ukrainian citizens and their family members who have come to Lithuania from Ukraine on their own due to acts of war and have settled in selected places must register at the nearest territorial branch of the Migration Department. Those who have arrived on their own, but have no place to stay, are invited to register at the Registration Centre in Alytus, the address of which is Pramonės St. 1B, Alytus, or at the Registration Centre in Marijampolė at Parko St. 9, Marijampolė. Registration centres are open around the clock. The Migration Department reminds that adults should also bring children for registration. During business hours, Ukrainians are invited to come to the following branches of the Migration Department: Vilnius, Vytenio St. 18; Kaunas, A. Juozapavičiaus ave. 57; Klaipėda, Kauno St. 6; Šiauliai, Aušros ave. 19; Panevėžys, K. Binkio St. 14; Alytus, Jotvingių St. 8; Marijampolė, Kęstučio St. 1; Utena, Maironio St. 4; Telšiai, Žemaitės St. 34; Tauragė; Stoties St. 15; Elektrėnai, Draugystės St. 32; Visaginas, Veteranų St. 13; Šalčininkai, Architekto St. 4.

The Migration Department asks visitors to register as soon as possible.

“We invite Ukrainians who have come to Lithuania to register at the indicated locations – this will speed up the provision of necessary assistance and documents for legal residence in the Republic of Lithuania” – says the director of the Department, E. Gudzinskaitė.

The Migration Department reports that from the 25th of February of this year 643 Ukrainian citizens have already been registered, 623 have applied for a temporary residence permit on humanitarian basis, 6 have applied for a national visa, and 14 are staying visa-free.