Seeking to ensure that asylum is granted to foreigners, who reasonably need it, the Migration Department implements asylum procedures – evaluates applications for an asylum and makes decisions regarding granting (or refusal to grant) an asylum (the status of a refugee or additional protection), makes decisions regarding the cancellation of a granted asylum (the status of a refugee or additional protection), also collects, analyses and accumulates information on the states of origin of the asylum seekers and the third states, and, in case of a need, coordinates joint action, related to asylum procedures, implemented by the state institutions, other institutions and non-governmental organisations.

To implement the international obligations of the Republic of Lithuania, the Migration Department coordinates and implements the transfer of foreigners, who are in need of asylum, from the European Union or the third states. During the procedure of requesting for an asylum, asylum seekers have a right to use legal and translation services free of charge. The provision of these services to the asylum seekers is organised and coordinated by the Migration Department.

Last updated: 09-10-2023