Temporary changes to passport deadlines from 20 April


2022 04 25


With the demand for passport production more than doubling, the  Identity Documents Personalisation Centre (IDPC) under the Ministry of the Interior is temporarily changing the procedure for issuing passports, by abandoning the urgent issuance of passports within 1 and 5 working days. Passports will be issued within 1 month. In case of an urgent need, it is still possible to order a passport at the Vilnius Migration Department's branch on a special urgent basis, i.e. the same day. Identity cards will be issued as normal.

Following Russia's attack on Ukraine, 45,000 Ukrainians fleeing the war have settled in Lithuania in the last two months. All of them need temporary identity documents, and more passports are being ordered by the population.

"We are looking for solutions to ensure the production of passports, as IDPC's capacity is not adapted to the mass production of identity documents. We ask people to be sensitive to the situation - if your passport is valid for another year, please do not rush to change it. We would also encourage people to choose an ID card instead of a passport, as for EU citizens, unlike Ukrainians, it is also a suitable document for travelling, and the production of ID cards is faster and cheaper," says Nerijus Rudaitis, Director of the Identity Documents Personalisation Centre.

In April, about 13,500 applications for passport issuance or replacement are submitted per week. March was the highest month for passport issuance with 64 386 passports ordered.