Jūsų asmens duomenų valdymas

Šiame tinklapyje gali būti naudojami slapukai ar kiti jūsų asmens duomenys tinklapio funkcionalumo tikslais. Kai kurie iš šių slapukų yra būtini, o kiti padeda mums patobulinti jūsų patirtį ir gauti duomenų, kaip ši svetainė yra naudojama.

Migration services


Information is provided to Ukrainian citizens on the hotline +370 5 271 7112 (I-IV 7.30-16.30, V 7.30-15.15).


Ukrainian citizens and their family members are registered only during the working hours of the Migration Department (I-IV 7.30-16.30, V 7.30–15.15) in:

  • Vilnius, Vytenio str. 18;
  • Kaunas, A. Juozapavičiaus ave. 57;
  • Klaipėda, Kauno str. 6;
  • Šiauliai, Aušros al. 19;
  • Panevėžys, Beržų g. 46;
  • Alytus, Jotvingių str. 8;
  • Marijampolė, Kęstučio str. 1;
  • Tauragė, Stoties str. 15;
  • Telšiai, Žemaitės str. 34;
  • Utena, Maironio str. 4;
  • Visaginas, Veteranų str. 13;
  • Šalčininkai, Architekto str. 4;
  • Elektrėnai, Draugystės str. 32. 

If you can, before arriving for registration, fill in electronic application for residence permit following this instruction Video instruction.

It is necessary to register so that we can take care of you and create conditions for you to stay legally in Lithuania.

Conditions for staying in lithuania, after registration you will be able to:

  • obtain a temporary residence permit in Lithuania (for 1 year);
  • a national visa (for 1 year).

Refugees who had a residence permit and did not change it before March 4 must submit a new application and visit the customer service unit of the Migration Department, which serves foreigners.

You don‘t need to do it if you don‘t have any possibility.

Migration Department: ph. +370 5 271 7112, e-mail [email protected], information

Lithuanian Red Cross (humanitarian aid, information, restoration of family ties): Juozapavičiaus st. 10A, Vilnius, ph. +370 5 212 7322, e-mail [email protected],

Caritas of the Vilnius Archdiocese (humanitarian aid): Kalvarijų str. 39, Vilnius, ph. +370 673 24 225, e-mail [email protected]

Order of Malta (humanitarian aid): Gedimino Ave. 56B, Vilnius, ph. +370 5 249 73 04,,

Food Bank (food support): Vytenio st. 54, Vilnius, ph. +370 686 44244, e-mail [email protected],

Save the children (help for children and pregnant women): Vilniaus st. 39, Vilnius, ph. +370 5 261 0815, e-mail [email protected]

Accommodation for host families: ph. 1827,

Embassy of Ukraine in Lithuania: Teatro str. 4, Vilnius, ph. 8 5 212 1536, e-mail [email protected],

The personal names (first name, surname) of Ukrainian citizens who have left Ukraine due to the war and arrived in Lithuania without travel documents (passport for trips outside Ukraine) shall be entered on the temporary residence permit card in accordance with the rules of transliteration from Ukrainian to Latin characters published on the website.  If you think that your personal names (first name, surname) are incorrectly entered on the temporary residence permit card issued to you, follow the information in this manual.

Yes, Ukrainian citizens with biometric passports are granted visa-free regime (90 days stay in Lithuania and in the whole Schengen area within 180 days).

Contact the selected customer service unit of the Migration Department regarding obtaining a temporary residence permit in Lithuania.
Ukrainian citizens holding biometric passports and whose national visas or temporary residence permits expire in the Republic of Lithuania can immediately start enjoying the 90-day visa-free regime upon the expiry of these documents.

National visas will not be issued to citizens of Ukraine who are not holders of valid foreign passports, but applications for temporary residence permits will be accepted from such foreigners.

Paskutinė atnaujinimo data: 2022-04-04