Information for Visitors

Information about migration services in Lithuanian, Russian and English is provided by the Migration Department call center by phone

8 707 67000 (or +370 5 271 7112, when calling from abroad) or e-mail

MIGRIS technical issues and system failures can be reported by e-mail

Foreigners in the Migration Department are served only with prior visit booking.

Prior visit booking via

Customers are kindly requested to arrive not earlier than 10 minutes until the time of the booked visit. We remind you that you must wear a face mask upon arrival at the Migration Department (we recommend wearing medical face masks).


Customer service procedure at the Migration Department in quarantine conditions

The Migration Department informs that during the quarantine announced in the country due to COVID-19 disease, the customer service procedure at the Migration Department will be changed - customers will be served only after booking a visit, some services will not be provided, some customer service points will not work. The customer service procedure is being changed in response to the recommendations of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania to control the spread of coronavirus infection and to protect customers and employees from the risk of COVID-19.

The Migration Department notes that customers arriving without prior booking of the visit will not be served. We remind you that pre-registration is carried out on the website at We draw your attention to the fact that customer service is temporarily suspended in Rietavas.

However, the needs of individual groups of customers are taken into account - it is possible to collect documents made by persons over 60 years of age, disabled people, children under 5 years and pregnant women by their relatives (children, siblings, spouses, grandchildren and great-grandchildren). To this effect, a free-form consent of customers to have their documents collected by other persons has to be submitted.

The Migration Department draws attention to the fact that throughout the territory of the Republic of Lithuania applications for acquisition of citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania, oath to the Republic of Lithuania, issuance of certificates of Lithuanian descent or of the right to restore citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania, citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania, etc. are accepted only by e-mail, by submitting applications through the Lithuanian Migration Information System (MIGRIS) at the address More information on submitting applications for citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania by e-mail can also find it here and on the Migration Department's Youtube channel.

The Migration Department asks customers to responsibly assess the necessity of going to the institution and, if possible, to postpone the visit. For additional information, please contact us by phone +370 707 67000, e-mail or via Facebook account.