Special questionnaire for foreigners wishing to settle in Lithuania


2022 12 05


Russian and Belarusian nationals who wish to apply for temporary residence permits or national visas in Lithuania are required to fill in a special questionnaire and the information they provide will have a decisive influence on decisions on their stay in the country. If a foreigner refuses to fill in the questionnaire or does not fill it in fully, his / her application will not be accepted. The Migration Department can also give this questionnaire to other foreigners.


The questionnaire has to be filled in by foreigners after the Minister of the Interior, Agnė Bilotaitė, amended the legal acts regulating the procedure for issuing documents to foreign nationals wishing to reside in Lithuania. The State Security Department has also submitted its recommendations to the Migration Department on how to fill in the questionnaire.


The obligation to fill in the questionnaire applies to all Russian and Belarusian citizens aged 18 years and over if they apply for a new temporary residence permit or a new national visa.


The Migration Department may also provide this questionnaire to citizens of other foreign countries.


They will have to answer additional questions and provide information on their education, previous jobs, service in the armed forces, business contacts, contacts with public authorities of NATO or non-EU countries, as well as their attitude towards Russian aggression in Ukraine.


"If a foreigner wishes to come and stay in Lithuania, he/she will have to be honest and open when filling in the questionnaire. Such a person will have to show that he/she is ready to cooperate with the country that receives him/her and allows him/her to stay on its territory," emphasizes Evelina Gudzinskaitė, Director of the Migration Department.


According to her, this will be an additional security filter that will allow for a more rapid identification of foreigners who may pose a threat to Lithuania's national security due to their past activities or links with undemocratic regimes.


If it turns out that a Russian or Belarusian citizen applying for temporary or permanent residence in Lithuania refuses to fill in the questionnaire or does not answer all the questions, the specialists of the Migration Department will have the right not to accept the application of such a person at all.


If it is established that the data provided by the foreigner is false or that other relevant information has been concealed, this will be grounds for immediate revocation of the document previously issued to that person.


As of the December 1, 3,415 temporary residence permits have been issued to Russian citizens and 1,250 permits have been extended. Last year, 2 062 permits were issued to nationals of that country and 1 572 were extended.


By the 1st of December this year, 22 890 temporary residence permits had been issued to Belarusian citizens and 5127 had been extended. Last year - 15318 and 5232 respectively.


A total of 2,769 national visas were issued to Russian citizens in 2022 and 2,858 in 2021.


For Belarusian citizens, 19641 national visas were issued this year, compared to 21360 last year.